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Red world Steppe Runner

posted Feb 5, 2011, 5:30 PM by Griatch Art   [ updated Feb 6, 2011, 3:51 AM ]

Planet explorer's log:

"The innermost planet was very much alive, despite bathing in the dim light from that small, red sun.

Among the strangest creatures prowling that harsh alien steppe were what we quickly came to call a "Steppe Runner". This predator lived off the giant hydrogen-breathing biopods that scattered the landscape - the planet's equivalence to trees.
So heavily armoured were the biopods that extreme measures were required to take them on. The Steppe Runner managed by having developed into the living equivalent of an armour-piercing bullet. Charging from a long distance, the Runner built up a tremendous speed before literally ramming headlong into its target with its long lance-like horn. Piercing the biopod's armour and diving inside, holes along the base of the Runner's lance then quickly sucked out the soft tissues of the defenseless biopod.
They were curious beasts, perfectly adapted to that harsh world."

Created for a contest on the theme "Creature".