Personal links

Art related

  • GimpTalk, one of the largest Gimp forums on the web, with many tutorials and help
  • GimpChat is another forum, smaller than GimpTalk, but also very nice and friendly
    Open source programs
  • MyPaint, a paint program that I use a lot for pure painting
  • GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program, I use this all the time too, a real work horse
  • Inkscape, a great vector graphics program
  • Xfig, classic vector drawing, very good for blueprints, maps and the like
  • Krita, a paint application that looks promising for the future
  • Blender, the ultimate free 3D graphics program, once you learn its interface
  • gSculpt, a simple 3D modeller, good for quickly throwing together a rough model to draw from
  • MakeHuman, a 3D modeller specialized on making humans. Good for trying poses and anatomy

Computer related

  • Linux Sidux, what I currently use
  • Linux Debian, the distro that Sidux is based off
  • Python, my by far favourite programming language
  • Evennia, a MUD game server I'm maintaining, based on Twisted and Django
  • Django, a nice Python web framework
  • LaTeX, the document preparation system that I write all my texts in